Fold Up Fabric Cutting Platform

My wife wanted a platform to make it easier for her to cut fabric on. If we had the space inside/upstairs, I’d basically just give her a sheet of plywood and call it a day. Unfortunately thats a little too impractical, so I came up with something that folds down to be a little bit easier to store. Its like an outfeed table and assembly table merged together. Except for fabric.

From a hardware point of view, this uses

  • Two 610mm piano hinges (Bunnings)
  • Four 50mm butt hinges (Bunnings)
  • Four casters – 68mm high, two swivel/lock, two straight. We’ll likely make it so all four are swivel.
  • Four 5/16″ T-Bolts (Timbecon)
  • Four TTrack Cam Clamps (Timbecon)

As with most projects for me, this started with a quick Fusion 360 drawing, though parts of this changed as the build went along.


When I built the offcut storage last week, we ordered two sheets of 18mm pine plywood. This used one whole sheet, and most of the remainder of the sheet from the offcut storage. It’s heavy.

Adobe Premiere Pro_2017-01-23_15-25-56

The panels still had to be broken down. Coming in at 900×700, these are still very very sizable. Here’s an angle not often seen – look into the workshop from the driveway!

Adobe Premiere Pro_2017-01-23_15-26-01

The bottom piece of the central cabinet got a rabbet cut on either edge, 18mm wide, 9mm deep.

Fun fact, on my dado stack this required:

  • two outside blades
  • 3 chippers
  • 1 spacer
  • 1 0.5mm shim
  • 2 0.2mm shims
  • 2 0.1mm shims.

This created a perfect fit where it didn’t need to be hammered on, but the piece wouldn’t slide out without pulling on it.

While I probably should really be doing this with a sacrificial fence, the clamps to create those fences are hard to come by in Australia, and I needed to put dados in the top piece (see below).

Adobe Premiere Pro_2017-01-23_15-26-05

The top piece of the central cabinet is wider to allow for the legs and wings to fold up underneath.  As such it got dados – still 18mm wide/9mm deep – the same width apart as the bottom piece.


Adobe Premiere Pro_2017-01-23_15-26-15

Adobe Premiere Pro_2017-01-23_15-26-23

Finally cross braces were added to create a “H” shape for the legs, which really stiffens the whole assembly up.


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