How I sharpen my wood turning tools

We recently bought a bench grinder and kitted it out with a Woodcut Tru-grind. It has made an amazing difference to the quality of our turnings. Everything is so much sharper, and being able to customise the grinds to what we like is lovely. OneWay, Teknatool (I think) and Vicmarc all make very similar ones, so why did we go with this system? It’s what PopsShed, our local supplier sell. They haven’t steered us wrong yet. To be honest, I think it is more of a personal preference, the different brands all go about it slightly differently but they’re all very good products.

Being a novice to bench grinders (literally the first time I’ve used one), it was really comforting to learn that HSS metal is nearly impossible (if you don’t act like an idiot) to anneal – that is, lose its temper/strength. Even “blueing” it doesn’t weaken it, only when it gets up into red/whites by applying too much pressure ruins it.

Next up is building a jig similar to the Veritas grinding tool rest so that I can sharpen plane irons and chisels. Unfortunately $80 for something I can build in a day isn’t a good value proposition – thats more local suppliers than Vertias’ fault though.

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