How To Youtube

I’ve been pretty lax about posting about my vlog/second channel, so here goes.

I’ve been asked a fair bit recently (its surprising how many of the questions all come at once) about how to grow or start a woodworking channel on YouTube.

Watch the video for the full details, but a brief overview

  • I’m not qualified to answer this
  • Decide what sort of creator you are – are you a woodworker on youtube, or a youtuber who happens to woodwork? While it sounds just semantics, the difference shapes you and your audience (watch the video for a better explanation)
  • Engage with your community/niche, but don’t be spammy
  • It’s not easy, but regularly scheduled content helps a massive amount with audience retention because your audience will know when to expect content. Set the schedule that works for you and your life, rather than thinking you must go for every week
  • The “Golden Age Of Steve Ramsey” isn’t over – it never was! Steve has worked extremely hard over *9* years to get where he is, releasing an average of a whopping 48 videos per year. If you do that for 9 years, there is a good chance you’ll end up like Steve!

I’ll have a follow up video “shortly” on a few bits and pieces I just forgot to mention.

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