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As I mentioned in the round up, these are the most expensive pair of hearing protection I have, coming in at about $140 Australian delivered. However, I think they’re worth it. Also note that I paid for these myself, while ISOtunes gave me a pair to give away, think of them essentially sponsoring a giveaway rather than effecting the review. If they were crap, I’d say as much.

I know it doesn’t really matter, but the packaging is just… nice. While the outside could tone down the marketing terms, its a nice solid box that has a magnetic latch, which reveals the die cut foam interior to present and protect everything. Again, it doesn’t matter, but its a nice touch considering the other options either came in a plastic bag or a sealed clamshell with stabby plastic edges.

They’re bluetooth 4 – meaning its not as horribly lossy as previous versions of bluetooth – and get 10 hours battery life. Charges via standard micro-USB, no propriety charger needed there unlike some of the competition.
It does support the “Bluetooth Battery Service” (BAS) I believe for checking the battery level… but not too many Android devices actually implement that on the phone, unfortunately. If you’re running an iDevice, you should be good to go.

This is probably my biggest gripe – and really isn’t a blocker – I have. A couple of LEDs to check the battery levels would be nice.

It comes with four tips – the flanged tips which don’t offer as much isolation and I actually find pretty uncomfortable, and three comply foam tips – small, medium and large. The medium tips are a perfect fit for me, the smaller size didn’t fit as well and just didn’t isolate as much because of it. Comply tips are available from Comply, Amazon or any good audio store that sells headphones. Though if you’re in Australia, Amazon actually works out the cheapest from what I’ve seen, even after shipping.

The ISOtunes Pro use the P-series foam from Comply, which have a bit higher isolation and a thread on the inside to secure it. I’ve got a couple of links in the description where you can find the comply tips – like all foam tips, they are consumables and should be replaced eventually.

The case they come with is also good and I’d recommend something like this for anybody using any earplugs that go in your ears. I would like it to be slightly bigger as it fits in a bit weird, but its fine.

Voice quality is OK, though with the microphone being on the little control… stick thing, its always going to suffer if you wind that up behind your head. Otherwise, as I said, its OK. The wife couldn’t tell when I was doing yardwork when I called her.

Finally, the sound quality is better than the other hearing protection with music I’ve tried, while maintaining as good or better isolation than them too. Being lighter and cooler on head than earmuffs, these are my go-to, whether I’m listening to music or not.

Noisy Motel (AU)

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