So you want to support The Wood Knight? First off, thank you, your support means a lot to me. Everything is reinvested into the show/workshop to produce more content.

Next, there are lots of ways to support what I do, in whatever way suits you.


In December 2017, Patreon made moves to basically screw over patrons supporting creators by charging the patrons a transaction fee and deaggregating transactions. While they reversed their stance, many people had already pulled out and many creators lost $1,000s for a change they didn’t want. There was a long silence from Patreon before reversing their stance. Any trust in Patreon the company has been broken.

For now, I still have a Patreon campaign but I won’t be advertising it in videos going forth.

Tip Jar (One Time Contribution)

Don’t want a recurring fee but still want to contribute? No problem, the tip-jar lets you set the amount you want.


Buy my stuff

Want to buy something instead? We have an Etsy store as well as a TShirt store. Both feature artwork from my wife, and the tshirt store has  TWK logo tshirts as well.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a win for everybody, if you’re already shopping there. You don’t get charged any extra, and I get some sort of kickback, usually a small percentage of the sale.
Currently, I only have affiliate links setup on Amazon (US), and going to my “influencer” page  shows products I use/recommend/etc.
Amazon Australia doesn’t have an affiliate link program at this time.



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