TWK Split Top Roubo Workbench: Flattening the bench

There are really two methods to flatten a workbench – the power tool method, or the hand tool method. I’m not the greatest handtool user and this is a pretty hard hardwood bench, so  for me the choice was pretty obvious – power tools.

I’m not going to rehash how to do it – go watch The Wood Whispers video on it – “Flattening Workbenches and Wide Boards With A Router“. I’m not rehashing it because Marc explains it perfectly, there is no reason for me to reiterate his information.

What I will talk about is the specifics of what I used.


  • Triton TRA001 router – its a 2400w router, usually reserved for my router table. It has grunt.
  • 1/2″ Shank Surface planing bit This is the monster router bit in the photo above. At 50.8mm diameter, this is one bit you really want to slow your router down for. It gave a surprisingly great surface finish, and made pretty short work of the flattening process.
  • 1/2in Shank 1/2in Collet extension – The planing bit has a pretty short shank, so once y ou include the router plate, the flattening jig, and the height of the rails, I needed an extension just to reach the workbench. This extension worked great once I got it seated properly. Any slight misalignment translates into some pretty scary vibration
  • Aluminium Mounting Plate  – I left the router in the router plate as there wasn’t a real downside to doing so.






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