Waterstone kit/What I’m sharpening with

A quick look at the waterstone/sharpening kit I’ve switched to.  This time last year (or close enough – that was a coincidence!) I published a video on How I Sharpen, which at the time was diamond stones. I purchased them after the recommendations that Paul Sellers makes, but I’ve never been overly happy with them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the 600 and 1200grit stones are faulty as I get better results going from the 250grit diamond stone straight to 5000 grit diamond paste on MDF.

Rather than toy around with another expensive diamond stone set from DMT or Naniwa, I opted to go with japanese waterstones. That means I’d need something to flatten the waterstones so I opted to get this kit.

Some might argue I could use my diamond stones, but given I don’t trust the diamond stones as is, this helps eliminate any errors/issues.


This kit from Japanese Tools Australia comes with

  • 1000/6000 “New” Cerax japanese waterstone
  • a bottle of camelia oil to protect tools from rust
  • two sheets of PSA sandpaper
  • A glass plate to put the paper on to use to flatten the waterstone

The holder/case come standard with the ‘New’ branded Cerax stones.

This isn’t a sponsored video, but I did manage to wrangle a discount code for others – shame I didn’t get to use it!  Cerax Complete Sharpening Kit  Use the code “10%RESTOCK” (valid until 30/11/2016) for 10% off.


After 1000 grit, getting a very even bevel


After 6000 grit, getting a mirror polish before stropping. It’s not a perfect optical mirror yet, so some stropping or getting a ~12000 grit stone would be required for that.



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