Where can I buy X,Y,Z timber or sheet goods (plywood, etc)?

I don’t know. Search for your local area. I don’t know what your local area is, and nobody who has ever asked has provided where they live, so I can’t guess.
I also don’t know what you find a reasonable price, I don’t know what your travel capabilities are, the list of things I don’t know about you that helps make an informed decision goes on.

Google for “hardwood +yourSuburbName”.

Good luck.

What countersink do you use?

I’m constantly surprised at how popular the countersink bit is – I even made a video to directly address it! I use the P&N CutSmart that is available from Bunnings inside Australia. I don’t know if its available outside Australia.

There are similar bits like the Smart-Bit (Amazon) or the Amana Tool Countersink (Amazon). The Amana is meant to be better, but I’ve never used either of the bits, so I can’t comment.

What Camera Gear Do You Use?

I like the sound of Rode microphones, they’re an Australian company (some are AU made too), and they’re affordable.

What software do you use for…

What Tools Do You Use?

I get asked about what tools I use a lot. A lot a lot. This usually stems from somebody seeing it in a video and wanting to know a range of different things about it – whether I’d recommend it, how much it costs, where I got it, even the brand.

These questions get tiring after the first 50 entries, particularly when the tool in question is mentioned and brand logos visible in the video. As for where to get it and how much it costs? I’m no longer going to say – people have been offended when I’ve told them stores they can’t get to because they live 100km+ from the nearest toolshop, or live in a different country and they act as if that is my fault.

If I say a tool is great (or terrible), you can take that as my recommendation. Otherwise this list is not an endorsement – I encourage you to do your own research based on your use, budget, etc.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I will work on it over time.

Links are to any video reviews I’ve done on the tools in question.


Power Tools

These are the brands I typically use or have multiple tools of. That is not an endorsement, that is not a promotion, thats just what happens to be in my workshop. If you’re interested in a tool you see in my videos, use this colour chart to track down what brand it is.

Battery Powered Tools

Corded Power Tools

Hand Tools

I would describe myself as a “hybrid” woodworker, using both hand and powertools where they make sense. As such, I don’t have an exhaustive list of handtools (more than what is currently listed, I’m working on that!)

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General Workshop

This is stuff that might fall under consumables

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