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Desk Buddy was a request from a friend for a work-from-home “helper” for her laptop and monitor.

This was built entirely from scrap 9mm & 18mm plywood. As such, there isn’t really a cut list and best case optimisation - I was entirely using what I had on hand. That is why the drawer front had a different veneer (before paint), and that is why the drawer is from 18mm rather than 12mm material.


The joints are “reinforced” with dominoes, but in truth that was just to stop them sliding around during glue up. I used 4mm dominoes, but any size biscuit will do the same job. It’s plywood - but joined plywood is plenty strong


The rebates on the backside of the cabinet, and for the drawer bottom are 6mm wide, 9mm deep (to match the 9mm plywood). Don’t over think this. Wood movement isn’t an issue, nor is strength in this application - I simply didn’t have anything thinner on hand.

Cut the 9mm ply backer/drawer bottom to fit after glue ups.