Xmas Gift Ideas (For Woodworkers)

Buying for a woodworker can be a tricky thing. It’s an intrinsically expensive hobby, and we all have our preferences on brands. It’s going to be hard to convince the family that you want just one teensy tiny Pantorouter in the stocking, or that if they pickup hand tools it has to be Lie Nielson, not Veritas.

I’m not the first to do one of these guides, but on this list it’s all about products available in Australia with links on where to get them without waiting for international shipping. Each of these items has also made it into my workshop with my own money.

There is always the safe bet of picking up some hardwood from a proper hardwood dealer – forget about the big box store stuff, you want something fancy looking. If you’re in Victoria, look at Mathews Timbers or American Hardwoods, they’ll sort you out

I’ve broken this list up into two categories – less than $30 and less than $60. Any more than that and it gets a lot harder for recommendations.

$30 or less

$60 or less